"The twists and turns in this book made it absolutely impossible to foresee the ending. Jessica Noelle wrote such lovable characters that dealt with such real-life trauma. She really put her characters and us readers through the wringer. We were hooked from paragraph 2, but our jaws literally DROPPED when we hit chapter 8, and from that point on we stayed on the edge of our seats. This book was truly bingeable, and we hope to read more from Jessica Noelle."
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Jessica Noelle in Palm Springs
About the author

Jessica Noelle has worked as a lifestyle journalist in a small town in Northern California. Her writings now center on the compelling themes of love, family, and tragedy. She studied at San Francisco State University and spends most of her time with her husband and two babies at their idyllic farmhouse in the foothills of California. She loves to work in the shade of a palm tree on the beach, however, and uses her many travels to inspire her writing. Her words are at times comic, sensual, complex, and transportive.